3 Must Have Twitter Tools

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bestsocialmediatoolsTo run a successful Twitter account you have to be in a lot of places at once.  Linking to content, engaging with users, providing customer service and analyzing data are all part of the equation. The three tools I have listed here are great for utilizing your valuable time.

Social Oomph
This is one of the best kept secrets in social media. Social Oomph is the acein-the-sleeve for accounts where “follow-back” is imperative to showing community involvement. Social Oomph allows you to auto-follow with a twist; you have 72 hours to approve, ignore, block, or spam new followers.  After 72 hours, it will follow automatically, but by checking into Social Oomph every couple of days, you can get to know legitimate new followers while keeping spammers out of your DM stream.  In addition to auto-following capabilities, Social Oomph allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, shorten URLs, access analytics, and much more. This platform also offers you a tool to send an auto-follow DM, but I advise against it. An auto-follow DM is nothing more than spam. Yes, I said it.

This is my go-to for tweeting, auto-tweeting from RSS feed, link shortening and, most of all, scheduling tweets. Hootsuite allows you to switch between multiple Twitter accounts with a simple click and lets you schedule up to 200 tweets at once. Scheduling is great for promoting content when you will be away from your computer for an extended period, and during company events when you are otherwise preoccupied.  One downside to Hootsuite is cost. If you can get by with a minimum PRO account, then the service is a reasonable expense, but if you need to add a lot of team members you will find that costs can mount quickly. A word of caution: When a big news story breaks, jump online and disable Hootsuite’s RSS auto-tweets. You don’t want your tweet about spring gardening tips to show up when Twitter is discussing breaking news.

Do you want to impress clients and sponsors with the amount of exposure that you and your followers generate on Twitter? Then you want this tool.  By simply setting up keywords or hashtags, TweetReach will provide you with the number of impressions and unique users reached. It also shows who your top influencers are; which is valuable information for later campaigns. Best of all, TweetReach lets you download this data in CSV or PDF form (and the PDF is so professional looking that you can send it directly to your clients).
Above all, don’t forget that the best tool on Twitter is YOU. You are the social in social media. Your unique voice and personal tweets add much more value than anything else ever could.

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