A Guide to Kick Ass Brand Marketing on Instagram

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InstagramIn just a short time, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks in the world. With an estimated 100 million global active users, generating some 40 million images per day, the possibilities for great brand marketing on Instagram is virtually endless.

Every day millions of users upload content directly associated with brands, presenting huge opportunities for brands to engage, inspire and influence current and potential customers.

We must always remember in our digital marketing activities, that 90%+ of users ‘trust’ what their friends and other online users say about brands and Instagram represents an exceptionally unique field of social media where consumers are creating brand recommendations every day. Like it or not, users of Instagram are capturing moments associated with your brand 24/7; as a brand marketer, you have no choice but to be there. Instagram is a potential gold mine for authentic, positive brand content for you to curate and encourage, and a place where brands can take relationships with customers to an extraordinary level.

Below are some top tips social marketers need to consider when using Instragram.

Brand Content on Instagram

Share authentic content: Your content should look real, be of real things and people. Your content should take a unique look at your brand or company.

Content streams: Build a calendar around content streams. Your content could include behind the scenes images, events and great angles with close ups of your product. Some content will be ‘in the moment’ and other images should be planned ahead.

Share quality content: Make sure your content is interesting, attractive, engaging, emotional and memorable.

Post often: Consistently great content will build strong word of mouth about your brand and keep your followers enthralled.

Hashtags: Use lots of hashtags, but make sure they are highly relevant to your brand and provide context to your updates. Make sure you choose and consistently use a hashtag unique to your brand.

Brand to User Engagement On Instagram

Relationship building: Search for, engage with and thank users sharing positive images associated with your brand.

Positive content: Ask users if you can share their positive content on your brand’s owned media channels.

Hashtags: Continue to use a unique hash tag for your brand and in time, users may start to use this hashtag in their own content related to your brand. The more users you can encourage to use the hashtag, the better.

Customer Service and Negative Feedback: Don’t be afraid to engage users who are sharing negative images about your brand.

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