How To Create Blog Posts That Your Readers Will Love!

Imagine captivating thousands of readers around the world with your blog posts!  Sounds fantastic, wonderful, good for you, hip-hop-hooray!  I can’t wait to read them! Let's get started.  Hello?  You’re just sitting there staring at the screen aren't you?   Welcome to the club, and it’s a big one!  Anyone who has ever decided they wanted to blog has started off the same way.  You have topics that you are passionate about, but when it comes down to it…nothing!  Nothing except thoughts inside your head whispering (or in my case shouting) things like: Everybody Writes About That Of course they do.  I see hundreds of posts, tweets, pins, pics and videos everyday about the same thing.  If you’re sitting there trying to come up with an original idea that nobody else has ever thought of, I can tell you it isn’t going to happen.  Unless of course you are Einstein or Edison. And even their discoveries were possible because of … [Read more...]

How to Add Disqus Comment System in WordPress

Disqus pronounced “discuss” is a popular third-party commenting system for WordPress. If you’ve been browsing the web for more than a week, then you’ve probably come across a site that’s using Disqus. A lot of popular sites including CNN, The Next Web, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Atlantic, and now WPBeginner are using Disqus. In this article, we will show you how to add Disqus comment system in WordPress. We will also discuss the reasons why we switched to using Disqus. Why did we Switch to Disqus? You’re probably wondering why should anyone use Disqus? Doesn’t WordPress have a perfectly good built-in commenting system? Yes, WordPress does have a built-in comment system, and it worked well for us when our site was smaller. As our site grew, we started to experience growing pains. Disqus helped us solve the following problems: Spam Comments For those who’ve used WordPress comments for more than a month know that it attracts a lot of spam comments. Some of it can be mitigated … [Read more...]

How to Embed a Live Google+ Hangout Session in WordPress

Google+ Hangout is the best free solution to host live broadcasts. It allows you to stream, record, bring guests, and run Q&A sessions with live audience. The main problem is that all of this happens on Google+ and not on your own site. In this article, we will show you how to embed a live Google Hangout session in WordPress. First thing you need to do is to go to the Google+ Hangouts On Air website and click on Start a Hangout On Air button.   A new pop-up will appear asking you for the details of your Hangout On Air. You need to give your hangout a name and add a little description of what this hangout is about. Below the name and description, you will see a section labeled Starts. You need to click on Later and then choose a date and time for your hangout.  By default your Hangout on Air is available to public which means anyone can see it. If you don’t want to make it public or want it to be available to selected people, then you … [Read more...]

My Tumblr Queen

Looks like we have other social media lovers in the family! My daughter Kathryn, who was just accepted to the University of Alabama, has been diligently working on her Tumblr page,  She has significantly increased her followers over the past few months, so much so, that Tumblr has started using her images for their login page, like this one! And she does a pretty good job on Instagram as well, Is it any wonder that she will be studying marketing in Tuscaloosa?  Way to go Katie! … [Read more...]

My Twins – Vineyard Vines 2014 Spring Catalog Behind the Scenes Video You might be wondering why I am posting a video of the Vineyard Vines 2014 Spring Catalog Shoot.  It's twins, Matthew & Kathryn, are in it and the catalog!! Woo Hoo!  I posted their pics here so you could identify them in the behind the scenes video. Obviously I am very proud!!  They are both off to college this summer, Florida State & Alabama (him/her).  And as a football nut, I love the choices.  The shoot was done at the beautiful Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, FL.  So take a look.    Oh, here are their pictures in case you were wondering which ones they are in the video:     … [Read more...]