The Ultimate Tool to Master Your Pinterest Business Account!

I love Pinterest!  Ok, love may not be a strong enough word for me, but I don’t want to make it any easier for someone to build a case for my own straight jacket, so let’s just leave it at that.  Although, how bad could that be?  It’s just a snuggie with straps, right? Regardless of my love for Pinterest, I had one problem.  There didn’t seem to be very many tools out there to help me monitor Pinterest for business.  That was until I stumbled across an article, by Dorien Morin-van Dam from @moreinmedia, about this very topic.  Most of the Pinterest tools I had heard about, but one she mentioned I have come to use daily!  It’s called Tailwind and it is just what I was looking for. Here’s What Tailwind Does Tailwind focuses on measuring Pinterest performance, seeing your complete Pinterest footprint, helping you to know your audience, offering competitive insights, optimizing content strategy, and measuring ROI (return on investment).  … [Read more...]

Pinterest Expert Shares 15 Guaranteed Ways to Create Pinterest Marketing Magic

When it comes to social media marketing, some marketers & entrepreneurs think that Pinterest is only about women just pinning a bunch of pretty pictures about clothes, handbags and food. While Facebook and Twitter seem to be the obvious choice for most businesses Pinterest has gained huge momentum and is now the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites (next only to Facebook). If you do not keep up with the times you will fall behind.  The Pinterest tide is rising rapidly. Are you falling behind? Bloggers take note: 50 million articles are being shared on Pinterest every day and those articles drive more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined. In addition, Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, & on more items than any other of the top five social media sites according to Comscore. Now what’s not to like about that? Women account for most of the online retail purchases—58% according to a … [Read more...]

8 Data-Backed Ways to Get More Repins on Pinterest (Infographic)

by Ginny Soskey June 27, 2013 at 12:00 PM There are all sorts of do's and don'ts out there on optimizing your content for Pinterest. Keep descriptions short and hashtag-rich. Don't use shortened links. Include price information. Verify your account. But we don't often hear about optimizing one of the most important pieces of content on Pinterest: the image itself. Are there certain color balances, layouts, and sizes that perform better than others? Seems like a pretty important thing to optimize on  a network that's all about sharing visual content. Well there's no reason for us to wonder any more: a new infographic by Curalate breaks down exactly which aspects of images on Pinterest increase engagement, and which don't. So check out the infographic below to see how you can improve your images on Pinterest -- and if any of the insights strike your fancy, feel free to pin the image or tweet the takeaways below. 8 Tweetable Takeaways 1) Images that are … [Read more...]

How To Use Pinterest’s Group Boards To Get More Exposure For Your Business

In case you hadn’t noticed, Pinterest has been in the news a lot recently. In November last year, Pinterest started courting the business community with the creation of its business-specific accounts  and a dedicated business support page. Then earlier this month, Pinterest quietly raised a cool $200 million at an astonishing $2.5 billion valuation – not bad for a company that has yet to make a profit! Most intriguing of all though was a study published last week by research center Pew. It suggested that Pinterest has grown so quickly, it’s now on course to catch Twitter in the battle for second place behind Facebook in the US social networking market. These events indicate that Pinterest is quickly evolving from being last year’s hot new upstart to a legitimate social network that should be part of your marketing mix. How can you maximize your time on Pinterest? But how can you maximize your Pinterest activities without spending a ton of time on it? Well, along … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Get More Engagement on Pinterest

A few weeks ago I read this very interesting article on Mashable about a Digitas study that highlighted the fact that a staggering 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is actually generated by users. I find it very strange that there aren’t more brands taking advantage of the popular social network to raise their engagement, get more traffic and more leads – especially because it works. Not to mention that users not only embrace brands on Pinterest, but they actually seem to want to engage more with them than brands do.   So why don’t more brands establish their presence on Pinterest and start pinning more seriously? Some of them might not understand how Pinterest works or even see the potential. Or maybe some brands think that they’re getting all the social media engagement that they need from Facebook and Twitter. I, however, think that Pinterest should always be one of the top social networks for businesses.  Even though I offer a service as opposed to a product I still … [Read more...]