Like all new technology, social media changes fast. Very fast.  Just trying to keep your head around all of the different platforms, how to approach them and, of course, how to design for them can be a full time job.  It would be nice if all of the platforms used the exact same dimensions and you could just swap photos between them all so that your brand has a nice consistent look across the board.  Unfortunately, this is not the case. Social media has proven itself as a crucial component of a brand’s marketing mix, but with the many different platforms, it can be very difficult to put forth a consistent brand image online. For that reason, we put together ‘The Ridiculously Exhausitive Social Media Design Blueprint’.  It features all of the major design dimensions for all of the major platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN, YouTube, Pinterest and the most recent entry, Instagram. Bookmark this page, download it and share it on your own blog, … [Read more...]

40 Social Media Acronyms You Should Totally Know [Infographic]

Whether you’re dabbling in social media or making a career out of it, there’s a language among us social media geeks that you’ve probably heard bellowed down the halls of Facebook, and babbled in Twitter chats. While there are probably hundreds or more of social media acronyms out there, we’re going to focus on 40 social media acronyms we think you should know. 40 Social Media Acronyms API = Application Programing Interface B2B = Business to Business B2C = Business to Consumer CMGR = Community Manager CPC = Cost Per Click CTA = Call To Action CTR = Click-Through Rate CX= Customer Experience ESP = Email Service Provider G+ = Google Plus GA = Google Analytics FB = Facebook FTW = For the win! DM = Direct Message IG = Instagram ISP = Internet Service Provider KPI = Key Performance Indicator LI = LinkedIn P2P = Person to Person PPC = Pay Per Click PV = Pageviews ROI = Return on Investment RSS = Really Simple … [Read more...]

8 Very Useful Social Media Tools Reviewed

Are you looking for tools that will help you become more effective and efficient with social media? We do a lot of social media tool reviews, but there are a few tools around that we haven’t reviewed before.  Some of them are new, while others have been around for a while but we just haven’t yet covered them. In this post, we will look at eight tools we have come across in Q1 that are very useful. They don’t fit into any particular category, so that’s why we have grouped them all together in this post. So, here we go… 1.  Find out your competitors’ most engaging content with Sharegrab Sharegrab is a free tool, from the makers of PostAcumen, that gives you information on the most viral content on your competitors’ Facebook Pages. You set up a POD (a way to group pages together) that consists of up to five of your competitors’ Pages. You can have multiple PODs but you’re limited to five pages in total. When you click on a POD (of your competitors’ Pages), it … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Tool to Master Your Pinterest Business Account!

I love Pinterest!  Ok, love may not be a strong enough word for me, but I don’t want to make it any easier for someone to build a case for my own straight jacket, so let’s just leave it at that.  Although, how bad could that be?  It’s just a snuggie with straps, right? Regardless of my love for Pinterest, I had one problem.  There didn’t seem to be very many tools out there to help me monitor Pinterest for business.  That was until I stumbled across an article, by Dorien Morin-van Dam from @moreinmedia, about this very topic.  Most of the Pinterest tools I had heard about, but one she mentioned I have come to use daily!  It’s called Tailwind and it is just what I was looking for. Here’s What Tailwind Does Tailwind focuses on measuring Pinterest performance, seeing your complete Pinterest footprint, helping you to know your audience, offering competitive insights, optimizing content strategy, and measuring ROI (return on investment).  … [Read more...]