Want to be (Facebook) liked?

Ok so you want to be liked. Who doesn’t? But I’m not talking about any ‘like’. I’m talking about Facebook ‘like’. Well if it’s the latter that you are after then you have come to the right place.   But before I give away my secrets of how to be ‘liked’ on this powerful social media platform lets remind ourselves why you want to be ‘liked’.   The power of the ‘like’ lies in its viral nature. When an existing fan ‘likes’ your content their non-fan friends will see it and can comment on it and like it as well. As they can see their friend is a fan, they are more likely to trust the source as worthy/credible and something they wish to be part of. Your current fans may also click the ‘Share’ button underneath the post and post it to their wall giving you instant exposure.   So how do you increase your ‘likes’ on Facebook? Well probably the most important thing to remember is that you need to live up to the likeable status. You also need to make visitors feel … [Read more...]

What Motivates People to “Like” or “Unlike” Brands on Facebook

Have you ever noticed how seriously people take their ‘friendships’ on Facebook? Deleting, “unfriending,” or “unliking” someone (or some business) can be taken as a serious blow. And, as little as we’d like to admit it, being removed from someone’s Facebook world is a kind of big deal. So why do people do it? Simple… You annoy them. “Unlike” Baby pictures, overly pushy political or religious posts, and TMI (Too Much Information) status updates from friends are just screaming for a ‘delete,’ but as a business or brand on Facebook, what causes followers to flee? According to Lab42’s latest research, 73% of social media users “unliked” a brand because of the following reasons: 1) Brands posted too frequently 2) The consumer stopped liking the brand 3) A bad customer experience But don’t let this discourage you, as social media users still find brand Facebook pages highly valuable. According to the study, 87% of people on Facebook “Like” brands, 82% of people think Facebook is … [Read more...]

Facebook Emoticons: What They Mean for Your Business

Facebook recently added a new feature on its status update function. It's great for Facebook engagement.  Similar to checking in on Facebook, you can now add how you are feeling on Facebook. What's unique about this feature is that it gives you many different options to fill in exactly what you are eating, drinking, watching, reading, listening to, or feeling. You might be thinking, so what? Well, here's the kicker! You can attach a brand page to that feeling, watching, eating, etc.   Why This Facebook Status Update Is Important? It gives brands, especially those that fall under the categories above a new way to be linked to which in turn will increase engagement and traction. Here's what I mean. I did a test run on my own Facebook page. I happen to be drinking Starbucks as we speak, (I think lattes make me a better writer), so it's not so untrue. I was given the option to type in whatever brand I wanted, or I could make up my own.    When you … [Read more...]

Use your Facebook Fans to help build your Fan Page!

Want to build your following on Facebook so quickly and easily it seems like your current fans are cloning themselves?  Well, you can. There’s a little known opportunity for tapping in to friends of fans without them even knowing they’re doing the advertising for you. Sponsored Stories are a type of Facebook Ad that lets you target friends of your existing Facebook Fans using implied endorsement.  We all know that you are far more likely to trust and act on a recommendation from a friend than you are from an Advertiser, so Facebook offers the very unique opportunity to replicate this real word benefit online.  The classic Sponsored Story shows up to the right of the newsfeed of the targeted friends of fans. They see the name of their Facebook friend at the top and the promoted Facebook Page is at the heart of the ad.  Want to know the top three reasons why these ads are powerful? Personalization Recognition and recall of ads that feature someone you already know is much higher … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Social Networks to Propel Your Business

Once in its infancy, Social Media has come along way. Over the years it’s matured in ways we could not have imagined. Gone are the days of poking people and asking them out on Facebook, or talking about your lunch on Twitter.  Social Media has grown powerful beyond belief and finally businesses are taking it seriously in many parts of the world. When I work with my clients I always tell them that social media can be your sales, marketing and customer service team rolled into one.  It’s not just about being social, it’s about interacting and engaging with your ideal clients and customers where they hang out and on their own terms.  Major brands like Old Spice, BlendTech, Victoria’s Secret and Coca Cola have all leveraged the power of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to develop a devout and loyal following of fans.  The Time Has Come To Get Sculpted On Social Media Yet you don’t need to be a big name brand with a mega budget to really take advantage of these tools for your business. You … [Read more...]