How to Choose the Right Social Networks to Propel Your Business

Once in its infancy, Social Media has come along way. Over the years it’s matured in ways we could not have imagined. Gone are the days of poking people and asking them out on Facebook, or talking about your lunch on Twitter.  Social Media has grown powerful beyond belief and finally businesses are taking it seriously in many parts of the world. When I work with my clients I always tell them that social media can be your sales, marketing and customer service team rolled into one.  It’s not just about being social, it’s about interacting and engaging with your ideal clients and customers where they hang out and on their own terms.  Major brands like Old Spice, BlendTech, Victoria’s Secret and Coca Cola have all leveraged the power of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to develop a devout and loyal following of fans.  The Time Has Come To Get Sculpted On Social Media Yet you don’t need to be a big name brand with a mega budget to really take advantage of these tools for your business. You … [Read more...]

Making Your LinkedIn Network Work!

There are various social networks that can be incorporated into any online marketing strategy. Through these networks, we can meet, network, and improve our visibility to various audience groups. Among the most valuable to anyone working on personal branding is Linkedin. Designed and organized with the concept of brand networking, this site proves incredibly valuable to any brand and their online marketing strategy. Like other social networks, Linkedin has its own audience and application. In order to make Linkedin work for your brand, you’ll need to incorporate certain practices into your strategy. First of all, you must consider the purpose of your profile. It might be improving visibility, making new connections, or even expressing your expertise. But for most brands, it is a combination of various purposes, designed specifically for their brand. The goal here is to determine exactly what you want out of your Linkedin profile so that you can work towards getting the results you … [Read more...]