10 Ways Strengthen Your Twitter Community with Commun.it

Posted on JUNE 4, 2013 Written by KRISTI HINES 51 COMMENTS Twitter is one of my favorite networks to engage upon, primarily because you don’t have to wait until someone follows you to communicate with them and updates are fast to read as well as send at only 140 characters long. Plus, there are a ton of great tools for Twitter. Today, I’m going to look at one that can help you find new people to connect with, identify the most valuable people in your community, cut through the noise, and strengthen relationships with those who are most important to your business or blog. Why I Use Commun.it It has been almost a year since Sharel, one of the founders of Commun.it, gave me a personalized tour. During that call, one thing became blatantly obvious. I was inadvertently ignoring my followers. Commun.it helped me quickly identify the valuable people in my Twitter community that I was neglecting to engage with because of the noise in my Twitter stream. And in very little … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Social Networks to Propel Your Business

Once in its infancy, Social Media has come along way. Over the years it’s matured in ways we could not have imagined. Gone are the days of poking people and asking them out on Facebook, or talking about your lunch on Twitter.  Social Media has grown powerful beyond belief and finally businesses are taking it seriously in many parts of the world. When I work with my clients I always tell them that social media can be your sales, marketing and customer service team rolled into one.  It’s not just about being social, it’s about interacting and engaging with your ideal clients and customers where they hang out and on their own terms.  Major brands like Old Spice, BlendTech, Victoria’s Secret and Coca Cola have all leveraged the power of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to develop a devout and loyal following of fans.  The Time Has Come To Get Sculpted On Social Media Yet you don’t need to be a big name brand with a mega budget to really take advantage of these tools for your business. You … [Read more...]

3 Must Have Twitter Tools

To run a successful Twitter account you have to be in a lot of places at once.  Linking to content, engaging with users, providing customer service and analyzing data are all part of the equation. The three tools I have listed here are great for utilizing your valuable time. Social Oomph This is one of the best kept secrets in social media. Social Oomph is the acein-the-sleeve for accounts where “follow-back” is imperative to showing community involvement. Social Oomph allows you to auto-follow with a twist; you have 72 hours to approve, ignore, block, or spam new followers.  After 72 hours, it will follow automatically, but by checking into Social Oomph every couple of days, you can get to know legitimate new followers while keeping spammers out of your DM stream.  In addition to auto-following capabilities, Social Oomph allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, shorten URLs, access analytics, and much more. This platform also offers you a tool to send an auto-follow DM, but … [Read more...]