How To Create Blog Posts That Your Readers Will Love!

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BloggingImagine captivating thousands of readers around the world with your blog posts!  Sounds fantastic, wonderful, good for you, hip-hop-hooray!  I can’t wait to read them!

Let’s get started.  Hello?  You’re just sitting there staring at the screen aren’t you?  

Welcome to the club, and it’s a big one!  Anyone who has ever decided they wanted to blog has started off the same way.  You have topics that you are passionate about, but when it comes down to it…nothing!  Nothing except thoughts inside your head whispering (or in my case shouting) things like:

Everybody Writes About That

Of course they do.  I see hundreds of posts, tweets, pins, pics and videos everyday about the same thing.  If you’re sitting there trying to come up with an original idea that nobody else has ever thought of, I can tell you it isn’t going to happen.  Unless of course you are Einstein or Edison. And even their discoveries were possible because of the work of other men and women before them.  They just understood it, looked at it differently, and added to it.

It Needs To Be A Masterpiece!

painter artist cartoon illustrationNow that’s funny.  But only because it’s hauntingly whispered by the voices in my head every time I start to write.  It’s not going to be!  It’s only human to worry about what others will think once you publish it.  But think about the greatest artists and writers in history.  Do you think, when Shakespeare, DaVinci, Twain, Dickinson, Bronte, or Michelangelo finished one of their works, they thought, “Because of this, I will be remembered as one of the greatest artists in history!”  NO!  They were probably shaking their heads, and mumbling about how lousy it was.

The fact of the matter is, it won’t be perfect, but neither are we.  It’s your opinions and ideas that count.  That’s what we as readers want to see.  Put your thoughts on paper and organize them.  Type away, spill it out, don’t stop, don’t filter!  Then go over it a few times, and make whatever changes you feel are necessary.  Walk away for a few hours if you need to.  Read it one more time, add some relevant images or video, spell check and click publish.  It’s scary, but if you don’t, it’ll be the best written post that nobody will ever see.

What Do I Write About?

Good question.  What do you love to do?  What are you passionate about?  What is it that you could do every day of your life and be happy?  What lifts your spirits and gets you up in the morning?  People with families will say their partners, or children.  Fabulous!  I know many successful bloggers that talk about relationships and family.  Are you crafty, good at making things?  There are tons of great blogs out there on how to make your own crafts.  Do you have a cause or charity that you are involved with?  Write about that.  For me, it’s cooking.  I love, love, cooking and everything that goes with it.  I even love the shopping and cleaning up.  It’s the way I grew up.  It reminds me of how my home smelled around five o’clock every night and especially during the holidays.  Big family gatherings, Thanksgiving, Christmas…home!  So I decided to write about that. 

Be Yourself

Whatever you write about, make sure we can “hear” your voice as if you were talking directly to us.  If you were going to sit down and tell me a story about a funny experience you had making wine, write it just like you would say it.  If you are funny or sarcastic, make sure it shows up!  If you are thoughtful, sensitive, wild or a stickler for details, don’t hide it just because you are trying to please everyone.  Cause it ain’t gonna happen (previously written as “because you cannot please everyone”).  The former is more my style, the latter my wife’s.  But that’s not the way it came into my head and not the way I would have said it.  See what I mean?  That’s what is going to set you apart from others.  It will make what you write about, unique.

Create Ideas Often To Write About

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Subscribe to and visit often, the blogs from your industry.  Create accounts and comment if they let you.  See what your industry experts are discussing and also see what topics their readers are commenting on.  Talk to your friends at work, after hours or on the weekends.  What are they discussing?  A question I might ask would be, “What types of food do you love to eat, but don’t make at home because it is to difficult?”  Then I would cook up a few of those dishes, take some photos before, during and after, write down the recipes, and explain how I prepared them in a simple way.  I would also encourage my readers to try the recipes at home, come back to the post, and comment on them.

Be Consistent

Once you start, make sure you don’t stop.  Your readers will want to see fresh ideas from you often.  And if you don’t keep them coming, if you post one day and then not for several months later, they will probably stop coming back to your blog.

That’s A Wrap!

And not just because I am seeing a vision of my wife making a throat slashing gesture!  She actually does that when I talk.  But because there are many other components that go into posting your content and creating a following.  The headlines, the structure, the intro, adding images, the closing, and how you market it, all factor into attracting readers.  But, without great content, nobody will want to read it.  So remember these few things. 

  • What  are you passionate about. Write about that! 
  • Subscribe to, read and comment on other blogs in your industry to help you find out what specific topics to write about.   
  • Don’t be boring! Be yourself and it will be interesting and unique! 
  • It won’t ever be perfect, they never are. 
  • Always look for ideas to write about. 
  • Be consistent in posting.

This is just the first article in a series about writing great blog posts that help you create a following.  Check back in a few days for the next one!

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I grew up in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother and it's where I love to be every day cooking for my wonderful family. I hope you enjoy!

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