Use your Facebook Fans to help build your Fan Page!

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Facebook Sponsered StoriesWant to build your following on Facebook so quickly and easily it seems like your current fans are cloning themselves?  Well, you can. There’s a little known opportunity for tapping in to friends of fans without them even knowing they’re doing the advertising for you.

Sponsored Stories are a type of Facebook Ad that lets you target friends of your existing Facebook Fans using implied endorsement.  We all know that you are far more likely to trust and act on a recommendation from a friend than you are from an Advertiser, so Facebook offers the very unique opportunity to replicate this real word benefit online.  The classic Sponsored Story shows up to the right of the newsfeed of the targeted friends of fans. They see the name of their Facebook friend at the top and the promoted Facebook Page is at the heart of the ad.  Want to know the top three reasons why these ads are powerful?

Recognition and recall of ads that feature someone you already know is much higher because it’s relevant and stands out amongst traditional ads.

Your ads don’t need to be displayed to every friend of your fans, because your product may not appeal to their mother!  The power of Sponsored Stories is that you can target the friends that are most like your existing fans, especially in terms of demographics, likes and
interests. Facebook has a ton of information about its users and you can tap into most of this by using Facebook Ads.

Implied Endorsement
We all know how powerful testimonials are to drive sales, and now you don’t even have to hunt them down yourself! Sponsored Stories
automatically create them for you and feature them prominently in the ad.  You can only use Sponsored Stories to advertise Facebook Pages that you are an Admin for, so that’s another reason to start building your Facebook Page now. The other reason is that Sponsored Stories work better when you already have a good number of fans, so wait to grow your Page to at least 500 Fans before you get started with these.  Given that advertisers have already seen good success with Sponsored Stories, Facebook has been rolling out even more options to use them.  Promoting your Page Posts can also be done using Sponsored Stories, with Facebook set to offer even more ads promoting interactions between Fans and Pages.  Facebook believe Sponsored Stories enhance the user experience more than regular Facebook Ads by highlighting sharing opportunities that are an integral part of the platform. Because of this, they give them preferential positioning and pricing – another great reason to use these in your social media marketing plan.  Perfect for growing fans and engagement on your Page, Sponsored Stories work even better with a lead capture opportunity on your Welcome Tab to further increase their value to your business in growing leads, traffic and sales.

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