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linkedin-1024x1013It’s a crowded world. One where you need an advantage if you are going to jump into the sea and swim with the masses.  The reason? They are ahead of you and getting further ahead by the minute.  That doesn’t mean they are doing it right or headed in the right direction, they are just ahead.  Call it warm up. After all, being IN the game is Step 1. Maybe you are on LinkedIn already, you have a profile, got a network: you are ON LinkedIn.

So, how’s it working for you? Had any success stories of your own?  If you haven’t stepped out and really done anything, you may not have a success story. You’ve probably heard stories about other people getting leads and clients from LinkedIn. What’s the difference?
Your PRESENCE.  Once you nail your first deal because of LinkedIn it all lines up. “I get it!”  You say to yourself; “I can do this!” You get out of it what you put in to it – plus a lot more. Your Presence is the starter. You must exist to be in the game and accomplish anything.

Need help?  Poor SELF ESTEEM is a root cause of inactivity.  If you LOOK GOOD, all nice and shiny, self esteem is an UPPER. If you
don’t look ready for business that can just as easily be a DOWNER.  In fact, putting in just a little effort on your presence can actually hurt your business.

Scenario 1:
A person is looking for just your product or service. They go to Google and search for it. Google leads them to the LinkedIn profiles of people that match up. Will they find you? Did you put in the effort to make that happen?

Scenario 2:
A prospect is considering you for a project. Like most people, they are on LinkedIn. This resourceful client has the wild idea to look at you on LinkedIn and find out more about you, see how you qualify compared to others in the running.  How do you stack up? Are you closer to the deal or further from it? Are these people hitting the back button and never contacting you? They have so many options on LinkedIn and in business, does your profile help you or hurt you?  Most people have an awakening when they realize that this is the moment that matters.

What words or short phrases do you want to be found on? What words would someone that needs you put into Google or LinkedIn to find you?  Now, put those very same words and short phrases into your LinkedIn profile.  Shop around a bit. Run a search of those words and phrases. How do you stack up? What looks good, what doesn’t?  This is the background work you need to do to get the most out of the Fit In – Stand Out Principle to get more business with the help of LinkedIn.

You can’t win unless you are in the game. You get in the game by being found.  It’s a simple process on the surface. Put keywords and key phrases in your LinkedIn profile and that will get you found. You might be on Page 50, but you will be found.  Now let’s get you to Page 1 of being found: where you put those keywords has a big effect.

Most prized places for LinkedIn Keywords:  
Technique 1 – Your Professional Headline
This is the text that accompanies your picture all around LinkedIn. It’s your Digital Footprint and it’s what people use most to discern whom they will pick from a list.  Your Headline is up to 120 characters and you can use some fanciness in the form of special characters.  Here are some Digital Footprint examples, notice the Headline text. See any keywords?

Technique 2 – Job Titles
Not simply for real Job Titles, these can include Keywords and short phrases that can move you up to Page 1 of the search results.  LinkedIn allows up to 100 characters actually, but 50-60 is plenty as you will see. Most people use 15-20 characters on average.

Example 1:  Channel Manager for Liquid Crystal Displays & Web Graphics Processors
Example 2:  Investment Counselor for Commercial Property, Sports Stadiums

These 2 examples will help you jump up a few pages or more. You will see that where you put your keywords in LinkedIn not only makes the difference of helping you Fit In; it puts you ahead of the pack so you Stand Out.

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