Pinterest: A Job Search Tool?

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pinterestI’m an avowed Pinsomniac. But while Pinterest is undoubtedly a lot of fun, and a great way to collect wardrobe, home improvement, and decorating ideas, it can definitely be used to advance your personal brand and enhance your job search. Here are six creative ways that you could be using Pinterest to help you get a job.

1. Interview attire board

Every now and then, I find the perfect suit, shirt, or tie combo on Pinterest. Remember, dressing appropriately for an interview is highly important, and the more prep work you put into your big day outfit, the better things are likely to turn out. The perfect look will give you confidence, and let your future employers know that you mean business.

2. Pin your portfolio of visual work

Digital marketers often get charged with creating visually stimulating presentations, advertisements, and websites, so don’t be shy about pinning yours. While it’s unlikely that an employer will just happen to stumble upon your portfolio on Pinterest, it’s even less likely that they’ll stumble upon your personal blog or website. The good thing is that Pinterest can link the two, so if by chance someone did find your work, they’d be able to come find you.

pinterest-resume3. Your resume board

As Mashable points out, there are thousands of pinned resumes out there. Collect your favorites on a resume board, and don’t forget to push your own out there to the masses. The more exposure you get, the better, and studying plenty of well-designed resumes is bound to put you a step closer to the “Accepted” file.

4. Follow industry trends

Many of the most influential designers, marketers, and advertisers are using Pinterest now, and that’s a pretty good sign that you should be too. You can use Pinterest to follow people in your industry who set trends and learn from their best practices.

5. Promote your personal blog

It’s tough to start from square one with a new blog, but Pinterest is a great way to start promoting it – especially if you like creating visual elements like infographics and designs. Much like the portfolio idea above, Pinterest gives potential employers the opportunity to find your work and connect it with a face, a name, and (hopefully) contact information.

6. Make a little extra cash

Within a few weeks of using Pinterest, I had started pinning one or two items from Amazon every month. It took a while, but eventually, I sold a CD, some shoes, and even a $120 blazer! Using Amazon’s affiliate program, I was able to bring in a few extra bucks at the end of the month, and it only took a few minutes of pinning.

As with all social media, keep your account on Pinterest professional and personable. Nobody likes a spammer, and employers will probably look at you with a bit of skepticism if all you’ve been doing is pinning cat photos for the last few months. Get with it, and start taking advantage of Pinterest for your job search today!

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