How to Create Inspiring Content!

How do you create inspiring content that will create loyal readers?  Let’s start with this: I have been successful probably because I have always realized that I knew nothing about writing and have merely tried to tell an interesting story entertainingly. - Edgar Rice Burroughs One of the first books I ever read for pleasure was from the John Cater of Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  It was given to me by a friend in my 7th grade math class.  From the first page I was hooked and subsequently read, literally, every other book in that series and every other book I could find by that author.  The point being that I couldn't get enough of his writing.  And to his point, don’t get too hung up on what your English teachers told you, better that you should tell a great story. But, since we are not writing novels, there are a few things to remember. Write A Headline That Grabs Your Reader! Did you know that, on average, 8 out of 10 people will read … [Read more...]

How to Add Disqus Comment System in WordPress

Disqus pronounced “discuss” is a popular third-party commenting system for WordPress. If you’ve been browsing the web for more than a week, then you’ve probably come across a site that’s using Disqus. A lot of popular sites including CNN, The Next Web, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Atlantic, and now WPBeginner are using Disqus. In this article, we will show you how to add Disqus comment system in WordPress. We will also discuss the reasons why we switched to using Disqus. Why did we Switch to Disqus? You’re probably wondering why should anyone use Disqus? Doesn’t WordPress have a perfectly good built-in commenting system? Yes, WordPress does have a built-in comment system, and it worked well for us when our site was smaller. As our site grew, we started to experience growing pains. Disqus helped us solve the following problems: Spam Comments For those who’ve used WordPress comments for more than a month know that it attracts a lot of spam comments. Some of it can be mitigated … [Read more...]

How to Do Responsive Web Design Right [Infographic]

by Verónica Maria Jarski  and our friends over at MarketingProfs! People have little tolerance for Websites that don't accommodate their mobile devices: For example, 74% of mobile visitors will abandon a site if it takes more than five seconds to download, according to the research cited in the following WhoIsHostingThis? infographic. Responsive Web design is one of the best ways of ensuring that your audience's online experience is equally viable across mobile and desktop environments, particularly if yours is an e-commerce site. If your company hasn't yet considered using responsive Web design, you might well want to, especially if many of your website visitors are using mobile devices to access your site content. Any many probably are... So start planning for responsive Web design now. And when planning, make sure your site has these five critical elements, especially if you're selling products or services online: a masthead, an image gallery, … [Read more...]

21 Benefits of Business Blogging and 22 Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Another great post from Barry Feldman and our friends over at Social Media Today! Combine “web” with “log” and you get “blog.” It’s a funny word, but serious business. Of course, there are millions of blogs that aren’t about business. Music, fashion, travel, food and beauty top the long list (according to this research). This post isn’t about them. This post is about blogging for business—with a purpose. We have a lot to cover, so we’ll knock it out as efficiently as possible with a series of lists. We’ll get right to it. Who should read this post? Non-blogger—You’ve never had a blog and you need to fix that now. Unfulfilled blogger—You blogged for a bit. Magic never struck. Beginning blogger—You blog, but don’t really know what you’re doing. Regular blogger—You’ll pick up tips from a fellow blogger. Expert blogger—You could steal the good stuff for your blog. None of the above—You have nothing better to do, but to read about … [Read more...]

What to Eat Wednesday!

I love food!  Anyone that knows me, knows that.  But if you are one of the few that REALLY knows me, you'd have already realized that I love to cook much  more than I love eating the food.  For me it's therapeutic, relaxing,'s just wonderful.  I love sharing recipes and I love learning about the history behind them.  I am also a lover of history, the world, how we came to be the people we are today and the role that food played within that culture.  So it is only normal that the more tradition and heritage behind the food, the better.  Probably why I love Anthony Bourdain, Guy Fieri and Andrew Zimmern shows.  That being said I decided to create weekly posts about food, recipes and the history surrounding them.  I am also going to start a "What to Eat, Wednesday" post on my Facebook page, so if you don't already follow me and love food, join in the fun.  I picked Wednesday for a few reasons.  In my house we … [Read more...]