How to Add Disqus Comment System in WordPress

Disqus pronounced “discuss” is a popular third-party commenting system for WordPress. If you’ve been browsing the web for more than a week, then you’ve probably come across a site that’s using Disqus. A lot of popular sites including CNN, The Next Web, Bloomberg, CNBC, The Atlantic, and now WPBeginner are using Disqus. In this article, we will show you how to add Disqus comment system in WordPress. We will also discuss the reasons why we switched to using Disqus. Why did we Switch to Disqus? You’re probably wondering why should anyone use Disqus? Doesn’t WordPress have a perfectly good built-in commenting system? Yes, WordPress does have a built-in comment system, and it worked well for us when our site was smaller. As our site grew, we started to experience growing pains. Disqus helped us solve the following problems: Spam Comments For those who’ve used WordPress comments for more than a month know that it attracts a lot of spam comments. Some of it can be mitigated … [Read more...]

21 Benefits of Business Blogging and 22 Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

Another great post from Barry Feldman and our friends over at Social Media Today! Combine “web” with “log” and you get “blog.” It’s a funny word, but serious business. Of course, there are millions of blogs that aren’t about business. Music, fashion, travel, food and beauty top the long list (according to this research). This post isn’t about them. This post is about blogging for business—with a purpose. We have a lot to cover, so we’ll knock it out as efficiently as possible with a series of lists. We’ll get right to it. Who should read this post? Non-blogger—You’ve never had a blog and you need to fix that now. Unfulfilled blogger—You blogged for a bit. Magic never struck. Beginning blogger—You blog, but don’t really know what you’re doing. Regular blogger—You’ll pick up tips from a fellow blogger. Expert blogger—You could steal the good stuff for your blog. None of the above—You have nothing better to do, but to read about … [Read more...]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins of the Month

It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride for WordPress over the past month or two, with stories of the botnet attack and compromises to two popular caching plugins emerging. But as far as I am concerned, the WordPress core is secure. It is up to you as the end user to ensure that you maintain your site so that it is safe against automated attacks. One particular weak spot for any WordPress installation is out of date plugins. And that's one of the reasons why our Plugins of the Month series is so great -- we only feature the most up-to-date plugins. You will not find a plugin below that was updated prior to April 2013 -- they're all current, have been downloaded thousands (or tens of thousands) of times and come highly rated. Enjoy! 10. WP Content Copy Protection I am personally not a fan of attempting to prevent people from copying content on your site. Quite frankly, life is too short and you'll tend to irritate genuine visitors whose user experience is somewhat marred by … [Read more...]

How To Create Blog Content Your Readers Won’t Soon Forget!

Blog Content with a Dash of Passion  What is it that makes a blog post unforgettable? How about the amount of information in it? The topic perhaps? What matters and sets you apart as a blogger is your ability to connect with your reader on an emotional level. When that magic happens your blog content can leave a lasting impression. What Are You Passionate About?  Turn your obsession into remarkable blog content by sharing everything you know about it. Don’t hold back anything!  Write in your own voice, too.  Do your best to sound as natural as possible, and people won't be able to help being drawn to your content. Information can be found by the mega tons these days, but it’s impossible to copy someone’s passion! Write your blog posts as if you were writing your manifesto; write with intensity and passion. Set out on a mission to stun your readers with content; it’s the best way to create posts which become unforgettable within your niche. It Can Always Be Better – Ask … [Read more...]

26 Ways to Market Your Business With Tumblr

How much do you know about the microblogging site Tumblr? Launched in 2007, Tumblr has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. Forbes reported that 120,000 new Tumblr blogs are created every day, totaling 86 million that drive 18 billion page views per month. In this post, I’ll take a look at 26 businesses that have created presences on Tumblr and discuss the techniques they use for their blogs, while also introducing many of Tumblr’s specific features and lexicon. How Can Tumblr Be Used? Jason Keath wrote, “Not every brand works on Tumblr” and suggested that three categories of blogs may fare better than others: fashion, large websites and publishing/broadcast media. As we’ll see with the examples below, Tumblr’s features offer the ability to be more visual and less verbose. When you first started out on social media, Tumblr may not have fit the description of what you were looking for. Today, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover a blogging … [Read more...]