[HOW TO] Use Instagram for Your Small Business

Most small business owners and marketers focus on the "big fish" of social media sites for their social efforts and lead generation. Commonly, they look to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for generating leads. However, many are neglect using Instagram for business marketing. With over 200,000,000 (yes, that is 200 million) active monthly users, there is no reason your business should not be looking at ways to use Instagram for business to explore opportunities for cultivating meaningful relationships with current and potential customers.   Know Your Target Instagram Audience Before we jump into some Instagram tips, you first need to know who your target audience is. If you don't know who you are targeting, it will make it very difficult to be successful at what you are doing. Your business needs to know their likes/dislikes, messaging they respond to, and ultimately what their pain points are. Knowing these characteristics, you can tailor your … [Read more...]

5 Top Food Hashtags and Why They Work

I just came across this post from last summer by Hashtags.org Editorial.  Some of the data may have changed, but I thought it was very interesting and just had to share. Thanks to the Internet, food enthusiasts are now sharing their excitement over their favorite delicacies on social media. There are several hashtags dedicated to food and many of these are specifically grouped according to the origin and type of food as well as the feelings associated by people who are about to devour them. And because not everyone really appreciates having photos of food on their timelines at all times, there are specific hashtags created so those who are truly interested can have a look at what’s “cooking” in one go. Here are some of the most popular food hashtags to date and what they mean. 1. #FoodPorn The hashtag generally depicts abundance or decadence in food preparations. Many social media users would use #FoodPorn to show everyone all the food they are about to … [Read more...]