Daily Social Media Statistics from Sochi [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your Guide to Social Media Stats from the Sochi 2014 Olympics Throughout the Games, we’ll be tracking social conversations around the 2014 Sochi Olympics in this daily infographic to show what’s buzzing on social. Powerful stats from uberVU via HootSuite will be updated each day to give you an overview of who owns the mindshare of Olympic voice on social. Read on for a deeper dive into these stats.    Authored by: Evan LePage Evan is a Social Content Writer for HootSuite. He writes features, news items, releases and all things HootSuite.                   … [Read more...]

Getting Started

For me it was probably the biggest question!  Where do I begin?  When I started in this industry several years ago, I was all over the map.  Jack of all trades, Master of none!  I thought that I needed to be able to offer everything to everyone or else they might go elsewhere with their business.  The problem with that is that most of them went some place else anyway because I wasn't exactly what they were looking for.  Translation:  You're not as good as the others I have talked to. Fortunately for me, time heals all wounds, lessons learned, etc... What I did learn was this: Love what you do, Do what you love. For me that was Web Design, Social Media Management, Web Hosting and Blogging.  At first it was out of necessity, promoting my company, but then I woke up one day and realized that it wasn't just that.  I loved doing this!  I am a creative and social person by nature. Working with clients to realize their needs and helping them transform that into something that … [Read more...]

3 Must Have Twitter Tools

To run a successful Twitter account you have to be in a lot of places at once.  Linking to content, engaging with users, providing customer service and analyzing data are all part of the equation. The three tools I have listed here are great for utilizing your valuable time. Social Oomph This is one of the best kept secrets in social media. Social Oomph is the acein-the-sleeve for accounts where “follow-back” is imperative to showing community involvement. Social Oomph allows you to auto-follow with a twist; you have 72 hours to approve, ignore, block, or spam new followers.  After 72 hours, it will follow automatically, but by checking into Social Oomph every couple of days, you can get to know legitimate new followers while keeping spammers out of your DM stream.  In addition to auto-following capabilities, Social Oomph allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, shorten URLs, access analytics, and much more. This platform also offers you a tool to send an auto-follow DM, but … [Read more...]