10 Ways to Get More Engagement on Pinterest

A few weeks ago I read this very interesting article on Mashable about a Digitas study that highlighted the fact that a staggering 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is actually generated by users. I find it very strange that there aren’t more brands taking advantage of the popular social network to raise their engagement, get more traffic and more leads – especially because it works. Not to mention that users not only embrace brands on Pinterest, but they actually seem to want to engage more with them than brands do.   So why don’t more brands establish their presence on Pinterest and start pinning more seriously? Some of them might not understand how Pinterest works or even see the potential. Or maybe some brands think that they’re getting all the social media engagement that they need from Facebook and Twitter. I, however, think that Pinterest should always be one of the top social networks for businesses.  Even though I offer a service as opposed to a product I still … [Read more...]