The Top 25 Marketing Influencers [Infographic]

Want to know who the biggest influencers are in marketing?  Here are the top 25, according to InsideView.  The criteria for inclusion in the list consisted of the following: being actively engaged on social media, being a hot commodity at conferences, being sought out for product or business endorsements, changing the marketing industry, and constantly sharing best-practices. Topping the list of marketing influencers is MarketingProfs' own Ann Handley, followed by Ardath Albee, Carlos Hidalgo, Charlene Li, and Craig Rose.  Check out the infographic to find out who the other top influencers are and to get a dose of inspiration for your own marketing: Veronica Maria Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs. Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski  … [Read more...]

Understanding Klout and Kred

If you are in any way involved in social media, then you are probably already familiar with the main sites that monitor and rank your social involvement Kred and Klout.  All three of these sites have the same goal in mind, ranking your social influence, but they go about measuring it in different ways.  And if you are anything like me you are scratching your head as to just how they go about it! Kred Kred was the first one I ever used.  They rank you based on two different categories, your influence and your outreach level.  Influence monitors your direct interaction between people in you social media networks that you have linked to your Kred account.  Kred places strong emphasis on how often you are retweeted, replied to, mentioned and followed on Twitter.  For Facebook its the number of mentions, posts, likes, shares and event invitations to you. It is all then wrapped up into the Kred Influence Score which is based on a scale of 1 to 1000, so the higher your score the more social … [Read more...]

How Your Klout Score is Calculated

Klout's vision is to enable everyone to discover and be recognized for how they influence the world. With the rise of social media, the ability to impact others has been democratized. Klout measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks. The Klout Score is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your social media activity. We compute the Klout Score by applying our score model to these signals. Klout Score Signals The Klout Score incorporates more than 400 signals from seven different networks. We process this data on a daily basis to generate updates to your Klout Score. The majority of the signals used to calculate the Klout Score are derived from combinations of attributes, such as the ratio of reactions you generate compared to the amount of content you share. For example, generating 100 retweets from 10 tweets will contribute more to your Score than generating 100 retweets from 1,000 … [Read more...]