My Tumblr Queen

Looks like we have other social media lovers in the family! My daughter Kathryn, who was just accepted to the University of Alabama, has been diligently working on her Tumblr page,  She has significantly increased her followers over the past few months, so much so, that Tumblr has started using her images for their login page, like this one! And she does a pretty good job on Instagram as well, Is it any wonder that she will be studying marketing in Tuscaloosa?  Way to go Katie! … [Read more...]

My Twins – Vineyard Vines 2014 Spring Catalog Behind the Scenes Video You might be wondering why I am posting a video of the Vineyard Vines 2014 Spring Catalog Shoot.  It's twins, Matthew & Kathryn, are in it and the catalog!! Woo Hoo!  I posted their pics here so you could identify them in the behind the scenes video. Obviously I am very proud!!  They are both off to college this summer, Florida State & Alabama (him/her).  And as a football nut, I love the choices.  The shoot was done at the beautiful Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, FL.  So take a look.    Oh, here are their pictures in case you were wondering which ones they are in the video:     … [Read more...]