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Tailwind for PinterestI love Pinterest!  Ok, love may not be a strong enough word for me, but I don’t want to make it any easier for someone to build a case for my own straight jacket, so let’s just leave it at that.  Although, how bad could that be?  It’s just a snuggie with straps, right?

Regardless of my love for Pinterest, I had one problem.  There didn’t seem to be very many tools out there to help me monitor Pinterest for business.  That was until I stumbled across an article, by Dorien Morin-van Dam from @moreinmedia, about this very topic.  Most of the Pinterest tools I had heard about, but one she mentioned I have come to use daily!  It’s called Tailwind and it is just what I was looking for.

Here’s What Tailwind Does

Tailwind focuses on measuring Pinterest performance, seeing your complete Pinterest footprint, helping you to know your audience, offering competitive insights, optimizing content strategy, and measuring ROI (return on investment).  And here’s how it does it.

Each of these offer insight into how effective your Pinterest marketing campaigns are, but together, you get the whole picture. By measuring your performance, you can track growth in followers, repins, likes and comments across any time period and compare with previous time periods. You can also monitor fan engagement and content performance by category, board, keyword, #hashtag, and pin.

Tailwind’s Features Include

  • Pinterest Analytics

o   Track growth in Followers, Repins, Likes and Comments across any time period and compare against previous periods.

o   Benchmark KPIs like Virality, Fan Engagement Level and Content Engagement Rate across boards or against competitors.

o   Drill down into content performance by category, board, keyword, #hashtag and pin.

Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind for Pinterest

  • Pinterest Listening

o   Discover Trending Pins from your domain and Measure Organic Brand Activity.

o   Leverage their Image Recognition Technology to surface top images pinned from your website.

o   Find your most actively engaged Pinners in Real-Time to reach them while you’re top-of-mind.

o   Listen for conversations about your brand across Pinterest using Keywords and #Hashtags.

  • Audience Intelligence

o   Meet your top brand advocates and engage them where you prefer: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and even their own blog.

o   Find and connect with influencers in your field to broaden your reach.

o   See who pins from your site and repins your content most; then dig in to learn what else they love.

o   Use “heat maps” to see your activity, virality, and audience; providing immediate actionable insights in a simple at-a-glance view, and find optimal days and times to pin based on when your audience is most engaged.

o   Link your Pinterest activity to Google Analytics, you can track your most profitable activity, including tracking from pin to purchase.

Tailwind for Pinterest 

  • Competitive Insights

o   Benchmark across all metrics including virality, engagement, audience, content quality and organic pinning activity from domains.

o   Eavesdrop on their newest pins, boards and followers and see what’s trending.

o   Uncover their best performing boards and content.

o   Identify and recruit their most influential pinners and brand advocates.

Tailwind for Pinterest


Tailwind has a fourteen day free-trial period, and if you are serious about using Pinterest for business, you have to at least try it out.  Pricing ranges from free to $299/month depending on features and size and you can try any option free for fourteen days.

If you are already using Tailwind and have a comment, let me know what you think!  Or if you have any questions about it, just ask!

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