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fiverr1Can you really get anything good for $5.00? Turns out you can and many people already have. In this article we’ll explore the fabulous world of
How Fiverr works…
I dare say that Fiverr is one of the cutest websites out there for marketing and selling online. The entire site is dedicated to crazy, funny and serious things people will do for $5.00. There are so many people doing quality work on Fiverr that micro businesses are springing up all around using outsourcing from Fiverr alone. I’ve also had a couple crappy providers on Fiverr but when you’re only losing 5 bucks there’s no need to sweat it.
What can you get from Fiverr you ask? How about 1,000 backlinks to your site, a WordPress installation to create your own website, and a Powerpoint presentation design. Need a short, flash intro to your new website? Fiverr’s got that too. Have you been putting off making a YouTube video? Have one
made for you at Fiverr. Want someone to make you a customized recording of “Happy Birthday” for your significant other, friend, or client? Yep, it’s a marketplace for just about anything.
Find a great provider…
Another great thing about Fiverr is that it’s a good way to test the quality of a candidate before you pay full price for their services. When you look at a “gig” you are looking at the details of the job they are offering to do. You can also choose options or upgrades to the original service that the providers will set prices for beside the gig.  How do you find a good provider? Fiverr has a great ranking system and you can easily review the candidate’s feedback. I would choose profiles with videos and that are top-rated sellers. You can always try your luck and go
with someone less experienced, but you’re not really saving any money so why bother?
Be a great provider…
Fiverr is also a great way to market your brand. Not only does it help search engine visibility but you will be in front of the entire Fiverr community. Watch some of the top-rated sellers. Look at their videos and read their offers. You only have a limited number of characters to explain your service so make it short and sweet!
Here’s a great example of how to use Fiverr for your business:
Say you offer handmade goods and want to get some more exposure. Try posting a gig to Fiverr that says something like “I will hand-make an artsy birthday card for someone you love for five dollars” or “I will handwrite a special message to someone you care about for five dollars.” This will target all people who buy gifts for people they consider “artsy” and also promote
your brand at the same time. Capture as much information as you can while you make the sale and deliver the gift with your promotional material! – After all, you are being paid to do it. Now post the gig, upload a cute video of you talking about your offer and business, and send the links to your social networks to watch it grow.
As you complete more jobs on Fiverr your feedback will grow and so will your customer base. If you do a great job or offer a really funny or strange service, Fiverr will feature you on their front page! Ask your customers to join your mailing list so you can keep them updated on your business in the future.
And that’s Fiverr!

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